Eternally Grateful,
A Mystery/Thriller by new author D. L. Landers!!

Eternally Grateful is a powerful passion-enriched story about a family devoted young woman from the country with the drive to fill voids; she is filled with stories from a companion about a city of opportunity for new beginnings. With the world at her fingertips, Dee takes advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime and moves to the big city where she can write her own life. After her talents are quickly discovered, she has everything going her way..what she doesn't know is, she is about to embark on a journey filled with many adventures. She risks her life to save a stranger, but doesn't know how much this selfless act of kindness is going to change her life. It's an emotional roller coaster of passion, thrills, revenge, selfishness, love and hate, with twists and turns that will blow you away. Take a journey on a ride of mystery, murder, drama, romance and justice.

Hello My Friends, Old and New.

First, Because of the letters I am receiving about Eternally Grateful from people that have read it and have been saying such wonderful things, I have received a lot of requests from so many people who say they can't wait for it to be printed, that I decided to let it go on CD. If you would like to have a copy or send one to a friend as a gift, the price is $15.95 American and $2.00 S&H for anywhere in the US...and we can adjust the price of shipping for anyone outside the US. Anyone ordering a copy on CD will receive a $5 credit on an autographed copy of the book as soon as they are published.

I will keep everyone updated on my next book as well. Eternally Grateful is getting popular and it hasn't made it to the printer yet, you all are making me feel really great! If you order and read it, I hope you enjoy it too!

Reviews From the Readers of Eternally Grateful:

Eternally Grateful has a powerful plot, speaks volumes to it's readers. I connected with several of the characters in the book and felt what they were feeling, especially the main character. Well written young lady, I pray this book becomes a Best Seller. ~Veronica Mayes

A great read, I couldn't put it down. The ending was quite a surprise, all I could say was WOW! Is there a sequel planned????? I WILL be buying it in paperback when it is released, so please keep me posted. ~David Mills

Eternally Grateful delivers a strong message, I love ruining it by telling the ending but I won't this time, LOL I will just say it was GREAT!! I can't wait to read the one you are working on now, please keep me in the loop. I will gladly buy the paperback when it becomes available. ~Melissa Gaines

Eternally Grateful was truly a joy to read. I actually watched your character mature from a vulnerable young woman to a powerful business lady. I felt like I was reaching the character on a personal level. Your writing was masterful...for a better word, and very well thought-out. I am proud of you Dee and will read it again. Please let me know when it is officially published, I would like to have the paperback, autographed of course!! I actually caught my husband reading it on his day off, and when he finished it, he was talking about it too. That says a lot, he hates to read! Good job girl! ~Deanna Ladd

This book is a great read and I am so proud of you. Great job, I really mean it. I would like to have the book as soon as it becomes available, so please send me an e-mail. I am also anxious to read the next one you told me about when it is finished too, keep me updated. ~Trish Perkins


Thank you for your patience, I will look forward to getting an email from you.

Love and hugs,


Eternally Grateful reaches out to a mature audience, it does contain some sexually explicit content and violence. So you must be of legal age to purchase Un-Sensored version. I have been working on a revised edition better suited for younger readers, so if this is something you would prefer please specify so we can send the appropriate edition.

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